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How to do maintenance of fixed gas detector? 10/10/2020

Commonly used maintenance methods usually have the following contents, operationsarevery simple. 1.Under normal circumstances, the service life of detection components and compensation components is usually 2-3 years. If the working environment is go···

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Carbon monoxide poisoning in some industries 10/10/2020

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the common gas poisoning incidents in our daily lives. Under what circumstances are carbon monoxide poisoning prone to occur, and which industries are prone to carbon monoxide poisoning? Coal mining industry: rock···

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The purpose of gas detection 10/10/2020

The purpose of gas detection is mainly2 types: one is explosion-proof, to prevent the gas from leaking out and mixing with air to form an explosive environment, and the other is to prevent the gas from leaking out and causing human inhalation to affe···

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Portable gas detectors are used more widely nowadays 10/10/2020

There are fixed and portable combustible gas alarmdetectors. Most factories use fixed, which are installed on site to detect changes in the concentration of combustible gas in real time. However, with the diversification of industrial construction ty···

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How to select gas detectors? 10/10/2020

According to regulations, the relevant equipment in the gas alarm control system should use products that have passed the inspection byquality supervision and inspection department, and obtain the corresponding approval or approval. Principles to be···

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